hi, i’m tania

Yoga teacher Tania Kemou

I had my first encounter with Ashtanga yoga in 2004 in my hometown Athens, Greece, under the guidance of Savvas Giantsis. Through all these years I tried different styles but Ashtanga opened a whole new world to me. The tradition (“Parampara” in Sanskrit) behind this practice, the strong commitment and dedication it requires and the deep peace and healing I experienced were fascinating. After moving to Paris in 2010 I started studying with Patrick Frapeau and continued in the years to come to deepen my practice by taking workshops around Europe with different senior teachers, among whom David Garrigues, Govinda Kai, Mark Robberds and Laruga Glaser.

A few years already into the practice, a very difficult moment in my life forced me to dig deeper. I started studying the ancient texts of yoga philosophy in quest of meaning. That, along with the daily practice gradually made my horizons expand and brought me closer to my inner truth. I realized that yoga was about to become something much bigger than a daily physical practice; a life calling. Becoming a yoga teacher started turning from a dream into reality.

Tania Kemous doing Kapotasana

After completing my first Teacher Training in Thailand, my path led me to India. In Mysore I studied with Saraswathi and Sharath Jois - the daughter and the grandson of the late founder of Ashtanga Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. After my first trip to India, I decide to quit my job as a corporate lawyer and dedicate my life to teaching yoga. Ever since then I have been returning to Mysore every year to study and honor the roots of yoga. In February 2022 my teacher Sharath Jois granted me authorisation Level 1 and his blessing to teach.

“Do your practice and all is coming.”
— Sri K. Pattabhi jois
Yoga teacher Tania Kemou

In my teachings I focus on the quality of the breath, as a unique path to harnessing the potential of the body and gradually getting to calm the mind. The way I experience it yoga goes further beyond asana; pranayama, chanting and philosophy are an integral part of what I wish to offer. My teaching is tightly knit to the tradition but not dogmatic. My wish is to accompany the students on their journey towards a deeper awareness, to acknowledge and celebrate their uniqueness and show them that with practice, transformation is possible. By sharing the practice of Ashtanga yoga I seek to empower students to get closer to their true Self, unleash their full potential and live a conscious, healthy and meaningful life.

Yoga teacher Tania Kemou