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About Tania

Tania Kemou was born in Athens, Greece in 1985. After completing her studies in law in 2007, she started working as a corporate lawyer in Athens and then Paris, France, where she moved in 2010.  It was in Athens where she had her first encounter with ashtanga yoga in 2004, under the guidance of Savvas Giantsis. Through all these years she tried different styles but ashtanga opened a whole new world to her. The long tradition behind this ancient practice, the strong commitment and dedication it requires and the deep peace and healing that result therefrom were fascinating. After moving to Paris she started studying with Patrick Frapeau and continued in the years to come to enhance her practice by taking workshops around Europe with different senior teachers, among whom David Garrigues, Govinda Kai, Mark Robberds and Laruga Glaser.

A few years already into the practice, she felt the need to go deeper into the philosophic aspects of it. She started studying the old texts and yoga history. That, along with the daily practice, gradually made her horizons expand and brought her closer to her inner truth. She realized that yoga was about to become something much bigger than a daily physical practice: a life calling. Becoming a yoga teacher started turning from a dream into reality.

After completing her first Teacher Training in Thailand, Tania started traveling regularly to Mysore, India to study ashtanga with Saraswathi and Sharath Jois, the mother and grandson of the late founder of ashtanga yoga Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. After her first trip to India, Tania decides to quit her job as a corporate lawyer and dedicate her life to teaching yoga.

In her teachings, Tania focuses a lot on the quality of breath, guiding students to unlock the potential of their body and gradually get to calm the mind. For Tania, yoga is not limited to asana, and in her teachings there is always a part dedicated to pranayama, chanting, and meditation. By transmitting the love for ashtanga yoga, she seeks to empower students to get closer to their true self, unleash their full potential and live a happy and meaningful life.

Do your practice and all is coming.
— Sri K. Pattabhi Jois